Network and Lease Licensing
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A lease license allows a fixed number of users to use Stat/Transfer within a year. 

If you buy a lease license for Stat/Transfer, activation codes are not used.  Instead, you will receive a small text file that contains your licensing information. 

As long as the total number of users is below the maximum allowed by the license, you can install Stat/Transfer on any combination of computers of any operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux).  You can also install Stat/Transfer for shared use on a network server or terminal server environment (such as Citrix). 

In most cases, the license is installed by clicking on the Install License button on the About tab.  This brings up a text box into which you can paste the license file.  At that point, you can select whether you want to install for network or single computer use. 

Special Instructions for Installing Lease Licenses for Windows Users

For network use, the license must be stored in the same location as the executable.  However, Windows versions later than XP will not allow programs to write to directories under the Program Files directory.  

Therefore, if you are going to install Stat/Transfer for use on a network, you must install the program in some other directory than the default Program Files location.  This location should be visible and permitted for use by your network users.

If you are installing for use on a single computer, you can install Stat/Transfer anywhere, including under Program Files and the license will be installed in an Application Data subdirectory. 

The Redirect License

Because licenses must be renewed annually, this can create a secondary problem of updating the licenses on many distributed computers. To work around this problem, you can install a redirect license on each computer that points to an actual license which is stored in a location of your choice on the network.

The redirect license is called license.dat.  It should have the following form:



Where network_path is the location of the actual license.dat file.  Note that there should not be any spaces on either side of the equals sign.  If there are spaces in the network path, the entire string after the equals sign should be enclosed in quotes.

Be sure that the permissions and the path are correct.  If you are having difficulties, try opening up a command window on the user's computer and use the DOS "type" command to view the license.  If you encounter an error doing this, you should correct the permissions and try again.

Installing the Redirect License

The redirect file can be installed by pasting the text to the install license window, or it can be installed by the installation program in batch mode as described below.

Installation Options

Several options are available for installing Stat/Transfer in a network environment.  The installer will be named setup.exe if taken off of a CD, or stdemo.exe if downloaded off of the web

Command Line Switches

The following command line switches are available for the Windows installer:

* /S (must be capitalized) installs silently without prompting

* /license copies a license (or redirection file) from the setup directory to the installation directory

* /license-sc copies the license (or redirection file) to the Program Data directory for Stat/Transfer

* /D=<install_dir> installs the program in install_dir

Note that the /D= switch must be the last parameter in the command line and must not contain any quotes, even if the path contains spaces.  Only absolute paths are supported.

Obviously, the /license and /license-sc switches are mutually exclusive and cannot be used at the same time.  The /license switch will copy the license to anywhere the program is installed because, under Windows, installation programs have privileges that other programs do not.  For both of these options, the license or redirect file must be in the same directory as the installation program and must be named license.dat.