Batch Transfers with Wildcards

Wildcard Transfers

Wildcards can be used to copy multiple files in one transfer. For example:


   copy    in/*.dta    out/*.sas7bdat


will convert all of the Stata files in the directory /in to SAS files in the directory /out.


Standard wildcards work in the input file ('?' and '*' ).  The output filename should always be specified with an asterisk and will be consist of the input filename, with the new extension.


We recommend that you use wildcard specifications with an input directory that contains just the files you wish to transfer.  To avoid the possibility of overwriting existing files or of being prompted about this possibility, the directory should be empty on the output side.  You may also specify the '-y' parameter, to suppress prompting, but you should do so with extreme caution.

Recursive Transfers

To recursively transfer all files in subfolders, use the '-r' parameter.


Error Handling

By default Stat/Transfer will stop when it encounters an error.  To keep it going, use the '-ws' parameter.