Date/Time Formats - Writing

Stat/Transfer gives you considerable control over how dates and times written to output ASCII files. You can control the formatting for date values, time values and combined date/time values in the Date, Time and Date/Time edit boxes.


Output formats that you supply are used to convert date and time values to character strings.  Each date or time part of the output format has the form '%char'.  Leading zeros cause the value to printed with leading zeros.  For example '%0d' will print the day of the month with a leading zero.


The characters below are used to create the output formats.  Anything to be printed in the output character string that is not in the list below, such as commas, spaces or other delimiters, must be given explicitly in the output format.




abbreviated weekday



full name of weekday



abbreviated name of month



full name of month



day of the month (1 - 31)



day of the year (1 - 366)



hour (24 hour clock) (0 - 23)



hour (12 hour clock) (1 - 12)



month as number (1 - 12)



minutes (0 - 59)



milliseconds (0 - 999)



tenths of seconds (0 - 10)



hundredths of seconds (0 - 99)



'am' or 'pm'



seconds (0 - 59) 



year as two digits



year as four digits



% character




The default formats for converting dates and times to strings are:


Date:    %m/%d/%Y      (5/18/1945)

Time:    %0H:%0M:%0S     (14:05:48)

Date/Time:   %m/%d/%Y %0H:%0M:%0S     (10/1/1990  02:20:09)