Epi Info

Stat/Transfer will read and write files for Epi Info, a free statistical program developed by the Center for Disease Control.  All versions through Version Six are supported.


Standard extension:  rec


Reading Epi Info Files

The Epi Info .rec file contains both a dictionary with enough information for the program to construct a data-entry screen for the file, and the data itself in ASCII format.  Stat/Transfer will use the data-entry description field as the variable label, if it is present.


Writing Epi Info Files

Because Epi Info files are basically formatted ASCII, they are not suitable for numbers which vary widely in magnitude.  Keeping in mind that the .rec file is also a data-entry template, Stat/Transfer will make its best effort to make an attractive and functional one.  Labels will be used, if available for variable descriptions.


Missing Data

Blank fields are used by Epi Info for missing values.  Stat/Transfer recognizes this when reading Epi Info files.  Missing values will be written as blanks on output to Epi Info format.


Output Variable Types

The output variable type that results from each target variable type is given in the following table:



Target Type

Output Type



Number (width 4; 0 decimal places)



Number (width 6; 0 decimal places)



Number (width 11; 0 decimal places)




Number (width 16; decimal places taken from input data. If unknown, set to 4)










Text (written using ASCII format

options currently in effect)