Stata Files

Q.  Why do all of my labels and variable names come out in lower case when I transfer a file to Stata?


A.  That's not a bug - it's a feature.  We respect the "style" of the package to which we are transferring and packages such as S-Plus and Stata favor lower case letters.  If you would like to maintain the case of your variable names and labels, check the option "Variable Name Case Conversions" on the "General Option" tab. 


Q.  Why do my string variables are come out as strL's in Stata even though they are not very long?


A.  Recent versions of Stata introduced a strL type, which is useful for creating string variables longer than the 2045 character limit.  In addition to allowing much longer strings, this variable type increases storage efficiency by only storing one instance of each string and only allocating the amount of storage that is necessary for the length of the string.  Stat/Transfer, by default, will use the strL type for variables which are longer than 32 bytes.  This is beneficial if you have a large number of repetitive strings.  If not, it might be less efficient than a different threshold.  In any case, you can set it to anything you would like (between 1 and 2045) in the Output Options (1) dialog.