HTML Tables

Stat/Transfer will write HTML tables for use in web pages.


Standard extension: htm


Writing HTML Tables

Field names will be written in bold characters as the first row of the table.  Values of each field are then written down the corresponding column.


The table generated by Stat/Transfer is bracketed by <HTML> tags. Thus it can be loaded directly into your browser.  However, most users will probably want to cut and paste the table into a larger HTML page.  To make this process easier, the output HTML tables have reasonably short lines and continuation lines are indented.


Note that HTML output is in general only appropriate for fairly small tables.  Stat/Transfer will transfer large data sets to HTML format.  However, if you use a large table in a web page, many browsers will be brought to their knees when they try to read the table.


Missing Data

Missing values for any data type are written as a non-breaking space, '&nbsp;'.  On any browser, this will cause a blank table cell to be displayed.


Output Variable Types

The output variable type that results from each target variable type is given in the following table:



Target Type

Output Type







Number (with a precision of up to 15 decimal places)








Character (written using ASCII format options currently in effect)