Log Dialog Box




About the Log Dialog Box

Click on the Log tab and you will see the Stat/Transfer Log dialog box.


This feature gives information on what is occurring during a transfer and allows better technical support.


When you carry out a transfer with the user interface, Stat/Transfer will write status, progress and error messages, which can be read as the transfer progresses and can be saved to a file. In case of errors or problems, this file can be sent to Circle Systems technical support.


Stat/Transfer Log

The log messages for a single session of Stat/Transfer will appear in the Stat/Transfer Log window.  You can, if you wish, save these messages to a permanent file.


Log Level

This option is designed to determine the information that is written to the log window during a transfer. Currently these settings control the error messages for SAS catalog reading only.  Their coverage will be expanded in the future.


The options are: 'Critical Errors Only', 'Information and Errors', 'Verbose'.


Save Log File

If you want to save the log that is written to the Stat/Transfer log window, click on the Save button.


The entry '%opath%/%oname.stlog' will automatically appear in the Name box. This instructs Stat/Transfer to write the log file to the same directory and with the same name as your output file, with the extension .stlog.


If you wish to use a different name, change it in the Name box.


The messages will then be saved to a file.



You can clear the contents of the log by pressing the Clear Log button.


Send Error Report

If you are experiencing a problem with Stat/Transfer, you can send an error report to our support department, by clicking Send Error Report.


When you click this button, another window will open, in which you can enter a complete description of the problem, your name and your email address.  This message as well as your log file will be sent to Support at Circle Systems when you click the Send the data button.


You can, if you wish, also send the input file that is causing the problem.  When you check the Send the input file to Circle Systems box, your input file will be sent along with the rest of the information.  By default the file will be sent in a compressed and encrypted format.  Including the input file will generally make it easier for Support to troubleshoot your problem.