Output Options (2)

These options control how Stat/Transfer constructs the names in the output section of the Transfer dialog from the information in the input section.  Despite the setting of these options, you can always edit the names that Stat/Transfer constructs for you.

gretl Row Labels


These options are not "sticky".  They must be set before each file transfer.  The input file must be selected before they are set. 


Use these options to control which variable, if any, is used for the row label in gretl files. 

  • Use first date or string variable uses the first date or string variable encountered in the file. 

  • None does not write a row label at all.

  • Selected allows you to select a specific date or string variable from the Label Variable list below.  This list will not be available until you select your input file from the Transfer tab.


Output table/member name rule for spaces

This option tells Stat/Transfer how to handle spaces in table or SAS member names.  The default is to translate spaces into underscores.


You can choose to leave them untranslated or to have Stat/Transfer warn you if there are spaces.  We do not recommend leaving spaces untranslated.


Output file name rule for invalid characters

This option tells Stat/Transfer what to do when there are invalid characters in output file names.  Stat/Transfer will, by default, translate characters that are invalid in file names into underscores.


You can, instead, choose to leave them as they are, or you can have Stat/Transfer issue a warning.


Output file name Case

You can choose how you would like Stat/Transfer to handle case conversion in your file names.  The default is "Smart" case conversion, in which filenames in mixed case are preserved and those in all upper are converted to lower.


In addition to this option, you can choose to have Stat/Transfer preserve the case of your file names, convert them to lower case, or convert them to upper case.