Advanced ODBC Options

User Name (UID)
Password (PSW)
On Windows, you will not need to use these options at all, since the ODBC driver manager will prompt you, if necessary.  


On Linux and Macintosh, some drivers don't prompt (FileMaker is one of these), and you will need to enter your database user name and password here.  For security reasons, Stat/Transfer will not store these options.
The following options are for advanced users only.
Use Unicode version of SQL API and SQL_C_WCHAR if possible
On Windows, this should always be checked.  If it is checked, the Unicode version of the ODBC API and a wide character type will be used. 


On Mac and on Unix, some older drivers do not properly support Unicode.  If you are having difficulties with the Unicode default, this option should unchecked.   If you uncheck it, you may have to review your driver's documentation and set the Session Encoding to a character set that is supported by your driver

SQL statement
These options (separately for reading and writing) allow you to enter an SQL statement that will be executed before the select statement on read and before any data are written on write.  Your statement cannot return any data.  For example, you can execute a Drop Table or a set commands for your database.