RATS Options


RATS options are not "sticky".  They must be set before each file transfer.  Also, because they may involve selecting variables from the input file, that file must be selected before they are set.


Start date and frequency

The default, Use first date variable, will use the first date variable in the file. By default it will autosense the frequency from that variable.  If you wish to use another frequency, go to the Frequency box and select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual.


If you have more than one date variable in your file and wish to use one other than the first, check Use specified date variable and then go to the For Start Date box and select the appropriate one from the list. If you do not wish to use the frequency default, Autosense, go to the Frequency box and select from the list.


If there are no date variables in your file, or you do not want to use them to specify the output frequency, check the Specify a start date option.  You can then select a specific frequency from the Frequency list and also enter a start date in the Select start date box.