Run Program Dialog Box




About the Run Program Dialog Box

You can now load, edit and run a Stat/Transfer command processor program directly from this tab in the user interface.   Typically, these will be programs that have been automatically generated by the user interface, but you can run any Stat/Transfer program from this window.



Creating a Program Automatically from the User Interface

You can generate a program for the command processor by pressing the Save Program button on the Transfer dialog box after the transfer is complete or by setting an option to activate automatic program generation.


When this program is written, it keeps all of the selections you have entered in the dialog boxes and it translates all of the options that you have specified in the Options dialog box into their equivalent command processor settings.  See the section Saving a Stat/Transfer Program for details.



Creating a Program Manually

You can manually create Stat/Transfer command programs as ASCII documents.  Commands are entered into the document just as they would be if you were using the command processor and entering them at the Stat/Transfer prompt.  See the Command Processor section for details.



Running a Program

Begin by pressing the Open button and selecting the program you wish to use.  The program will appear in the top window of the screen, where it can be viewed and, if necessary, edited.   If you make any changes to the program, the Save button will become active and a Save as dialog box will allow you to save the program back to disk.


To run the program, click on the Run button. Output from the command processor will appear in the Output window.  If you want to stop a program in mid-run, click on the Stop button.