Running the Program

The Transfer Button

When you have specified the input and output file types and names (with information on member or page, when needed) and, if you wish to, you have also specified information on variables and case selection, click on the Transfer button and the data will be transferred.


Simple Transfers

If you wish to transfer everything in the input data set and you use the output target types assigned by Stat/Transfer, you need only specify the input and output file types and names in the Transfer dialog box.  You can then click on the Transfer button and run the job. You do not need to enter anything in either the Variables or the Observations dialog box.


Stopping a Transfer

While the data are being transferred, the Transfer button is labeled Stop.  If you click on it, your transfer job will be aborted.  This is useful if you start a lengthy transfer and then realize that something is amiss.


When the transfer is complete, a message will appear at the bottom of the Transfer dialog box indicating that the transfer is finished and telling you how many cases were transferred.