Selecting Worksheet Pages

Whenever you select a worksheet as input, Stat/Transfer will check to see if multiple pages are present.


If more than one page is found, Stat/Transfer will display a Worksheet Page selection line below the input File Specification line of the Transfer dialog box.  If your worksheet pages are named, as they are in Excel, for example, these names will be used.  Otherwise, dummy names, 'Sheetn', will be displayed, where n gives the number of the page.


The name of the first page of the worksheet will appear on the Worksheet Page line and, unless you select another one, will be the page used as the input data set by Stat/Transfer.  If the data you wish to use are on a different page, click on the control arrow and select the appropriate page from the list that appears.


The option Concatenate Worksheet Pages, reached by clicking on the Options tab and then on Worksheets, allows you to combine worksheet pages into a single output file.  If you check this option, when you name one page, then all of the pages will be read and concatenated into an output file of any type.  This option is appropriate if your worksheet file contains many sheets that are identical in structure.  These can be then be combined into a single output file.