ASCII Options-Reading

DELIMITER-RD   (Autosense/Comma/Tab/Space/Other)

Delimiter for reading ASCII files, Other is any character, such as '|'


COMBINE-DELIMITERS   (Off/Spaces only/Spaces+Tabs)

Combine adjacent delimiters when reading space delimited files


ASCII-RD-VNAMES  (Autosense/First-row/Make-up)

Field names when reading ASCII files



Read variable labels from row following variable names

SKIP-ROWS (0/Number)

Number of rows to skip at the top of the file


NUM-MISS-RD   (Missing value characters/Extended/None)

Numeric missing value when reading ASCII files


QUOTE-CHAR-RD   (Character/None)

Quote character used when reading ASCII files, defaults to “


MAX-LINES   (Number/All/1000)

Maximum ASCII lines to examine for variable type


DECIMAL-POINT   (Character)

Decimal point for reading ASCII files, defaults to ‘.’


THOUSANDS-SEP   (Character)

Thousands separator for reading ASCII files, defaults to ‘,’