Encoding Options

IN-ENCODING (System/Other) 

Translate from this encoding when reading files


OUT-ENCODING (System/Other)

Translate from this encoding when writing files


If you choose to override the default behavior, you can choose a different encoding by going to the user interface, clicking on the Options tab and selecting Encoding Options.  First select the Region and then the Character Set.  The value in parentheses after the name of the character set is the value you should enter for 'Other'.  Be sure to read the section Encoding Options.


ENC-ERRORS (stop/sub)         -

On encoding errors, stop the transfer OR substitute a character. By default, it will substitute an underscore. You can specify the substitution character with the ENC-SUB-CHAR option.


ENC-SUB-CHAR (character/underscore)

Substitute character for encoding errors


ENC-ERROR-LIMIT (number/ 100)   -

Maximum encoding errors before stopping