Setting Options with the SET Command


When using the command processor, most of the options of the user interface system are available. Some of these options are set by parameters following the COPY command. All others are selected with a SET command.


The general form of this command is:


SET optionname value


These SET commands should be given before the COPY command.


A list of available options set with the SET command can be obtained on the screen by typing either of the following:


help set

help set all


Note that these options are not available for transfers run by typing them in on the operating system command line, unless you use the startup options file.


Setting Options


If you wish, you can type each SET command in at the Stat/Transfer prompt before you give the COPY command. However, if several options are to be set, this can be tedious and error-prone. Instead, a list of all of the available options and their default settings can be written out to a file, filename, by typing:


SET LIST filename


Using the resulting file, settings can be conveniently edited and then used in a command file or in a startup options file.


Alternatively, automatically generated command files created with the user interface contain all of the options that are relevant to the transfer you are performing. These can be easily edited and re-run.


See: Available Options with the SET Command