Special Cases when Specifying Files

Specifying S-PLUS Files

A period must always be added to standard S-PLUS file names, since these do not have any extension.   No file-type tag is needed, however, since the standard extension for S-PLUS files is 'none'.


For example, to transfer the S-PLUS file indata to a Matlab file outdata.mat, type


  copy indata. outdata.mat


The period tells Stat/Transfer that indata is a file name, not a file-type tag.


Specifying XML files

Several formats use "xml" as an extension.  Therefore for DDI schemas, Triple-S, and XML documents, a tag must be used.          


Specifying ODBC Data Sources

Note that for ODBC, the file name is not relevant.  You simply use the file-type tag 'odbc' to represent the file name:


   copy odbc outfile.sd2


See  ODBC Data Sources for more information.


Input Worksheets, Access Data Sources, and SAS Transport Files

You can select worksheet pages, Access data source tables, and members of SAS transport files by using parameters that follow the COPY command.  See Options for Pages and Tables.