Technical Support

Before you seek support, please check the online help or look in the online manual and see if the solution to your problem can be found there.  Be sure to check the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

Also please check our help center at 

If you have a problem that you cannot resolve by these methods, the best way to seek help is by using our web forms at have found that the use of these forms, rather than a free-form email, allows us to provide faster and better support. If you use a form, we are much more likely to get the information we need to address your problem on the first try.  In addition, your request will be routed to the right person and automatically entered into a tracking system so that your problem will not fall through the cracks. To ensure the best service, please be sure to follow the instructions on the form and enter all of the information that is called for.

You can also seek support by using the Log tab. This method is particularly helpful if you think you have found a bug in Stat/Transfer, because it is possible to automatically send us a compressed and encrypted copy of the input file that was causing you problems, as well as a complete description of your environment and your own description of the problem. If you send a support request through this method, it is a very good idea to also use the form on our website. This will ensure that your problem is entered into our tracking system.

It is always good to make sure you are running the latest version of Stat/Transfer.  You can go to the About tab and set Check for Updates to Right Now