Web Update

We periodically post maintenance releases of Stat/Transfer on our website to support new file formats, add features, or to fix problems that have come to our attention.  However, we have found that many people are not taking advantage of these releases, so they are using software that is older than it should be.  To address this problem, Stat/Transfer will automatically check the Web for updates.


By default, the program will check for new versions once every week, but you can change this option.  You can check immediately, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or  (if you are running on a computer that is not connected to the Web) never.


In order to change the interval at which Stat/Transfer checks the Web, click on the About tab of Stat/Transfer and select one of the options.


Suppose you choose Every Week (the default).  Each time you start Stat/Transfer, the program will compare the current date to the date at which the version was last checked.  If it the difference is less than seven days, nothing will happen.  If it is seven days or more, the update program will ask you if you would like to check the Web.


If you choose to do so, the program will check our website for the latest version.  If it finds a version that is newer than yours, it will download a descriptive file for you to read.  You can then choose whether or not to download the latest release.


The read.me file will also be downloaded, so that you can check back to see what new features have been added.


If you wish, you can tell Stat/Transfer to do an immediate check for a newer version rather than wait for an automatic check. To do so, go to the About tab and select Right Now.  The update program will then check our website for updates as described above.