What's New in Stat/Transfer



New Formats


Stat/Transfer version 16 has added support for the following formats:

  • Reading SPSS syntax files and ASCII data

  • Reading SAS program files and ASCII data

  • Reading and Writing Minitab 19 project and worksheet files

  • Reading R single object (.rds) files

  • Reading and Writing Apache Big Data formats through ODBC:

    • Drill

    • Hive

    • Impala

New Features

  • Very easy-to-use, Stata-style date and time input masks for reading ASCII data

  • Localized month names for reading non-English dates

  • Improved support for extended missing values

  • Increased user control over dataset optimization

  • Increased user control over the handling of newlines in ASCII data


New Platform Support

Stat/Transfer is now shipping with native support for Mac M1 processors and full support for Big Sur and Monterey. Windows 11 is fully supported.